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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Java Helpin' Hurricane Ike Victims

"Who, me?"
Java, Hurricane Ike Assistant Puggy
(Depending on Nap Schedule)

Mom said that my name is in the news today fur being helpful to Hurricane Victims. I don't remember helping, since I have a pretty full nap schedule. Maybe I was sleep walkin' when it was time to pass out the coffee. We think this is a great story about how Hurricane Ike victims are helping each other out.

Java Helpin'
Hurricane Ike Victims

Java was flowing Wednesday at nearly half of the Houston area's 150 Starbucks locations. As people in the Houston area struggle with widespread power outages and shortages of necessities days after Hurricane Ike, some are finding comfort, information and community at coffee shops that have managed to reopen.... (Read the whole story...)