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Friday, May 29, 2009

Howie Concerned About Annie's Face

Notice the strange protruberance
that has suddenly appeared on
Annie's face.

From Dr. Howard Pee Pugpants, Fellow of the College of Puggy Plastic Surgery

This here is Dr. Howie. I present today the strange case of Annie's Facial Protruberance. *turns down lights and flips on laser pointer* Please try to control the urge to look away, or you won't learn anythin. This picture shows the protruberance as it suddenly appeared without warnin' yesterday on Annie's face, right after suppertime.

Maw and Paw don't seem to care, but being as I am a board certified puggy plastic surgeon, I immediately took note of the odd shaped growth. Now, granted, Annie's face always struck horror each time I looked upon it in the past, but now, with this new development, I think I have enough to submit a case report to the Journal of Maxillo-Facial Pug-Onometry.

Thank yew to everydoggy who has expressed their concern that I have to live with such a malformed creature. I am bearin up as best can be expected.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Linus Pug's Graduation Pawty

From LinusPuggy:

Welcome to my graduation pawty! This is me, Linus, in the blue harness,
beating up Scout. I learnt these manners in puppy school.

Aunt Nancy had pawty favors for all us puggies. I got the one with the biggest toy.

The humans got to eat all sorts yummy stuff. Wussup with that? It was my pawty!

This is me executin' a hairpin turn to avoid being captured.

I showed Aunt Nancy my appreciation by leaving her a souvenir of my muddy love.

Me and Uncle Java ran around a lot. This is us takin a break.

This is us runnin like the wind.

This is Java about to pounce.

This is me showing my puggy superpowers for
speed and supersonic mud accumulation.

We pugs like to run around trees a lot. I'm not sure why.
They didn't explain that in kindy-garden.

This is me, surrounded by my host puggies, about to be
devoured like a fig newton, undoubtedly.

I hope you enjoyed my pawty. Maw had to use four towels to wipe off the mud before she put me in the car to drive me home! Now THAT's a pawty!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Howie Enrolls Annie in Puggy Craig

Anniebelly, left, and Howie Pee, right,
about to partake of a treat
(Activity not sanctioned by Puggy Craig)

From Howie Pee Pugpants:

This here is Howie. Now I'm not exactly saying Annie is fat, but once saw her cut her toe and she bled gravy. So I'm providing some helpful suggestions for the gravitationally challenged.

I think by now yew have all had a chance to examine the forthwith previous documentation and will all agree Annie is a prime candidate for Puggy Craig. Notice the layers and layers of mooshiness in the picture above. *points to pug on the left* Now I didn't say that was fat, did I? The pug on the right is me, sleek, tall, good looking and exceptionally intelligent.

Now, take a look at the FAT DOG CHART I stole from Purina below that. It is clear that Annie fits all the parameters for excessive jiggliness. I have ordered a crate of them Puggy Craig dinners. I will eat the first crate for her, jest to make sure the food is safe.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Graduation Day for Linus

Hi, this here is Linus. I'm taking over Howie's blog today
to spread the good news. I graduated!!!

Mom says I may not have had the highest grade in the class,
but teacher said I was definitely the
student most interested in FOOD!

Saturday, Uncle Howie said he is gonna host a
pug graduation pawty for me at his house.
I wonder if he has told Aunt Nancy yet?

Monday, May 11, 2009

Action Annie SuperPug - Accessories Sold Separately

Annie in her element - in the yard, awaiting the ball toss.

Annie considering the human is taking WAYYY too long!

Action Puggy poised for takeoff - just as soon as the yellow orb is released!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Monday, May 4, 2009

Howie Says Annie Has Swine Flu

Note the symptoms: flat nose, small eyes, fuzzy face...

A Goth piggy with multiple nose rings (and tattoos not shown).

From Howie Pee:

I have some jest turble news. Through scientific analysis and careful puggy observation, I have concluded my sister, Anniesmelly, has swine flu.

In addition to them pictures I posted, here are the facts:

1 - Annie has a flat nose
2 - Annie snorts like a pig
3 - Annie eats like a pig
4 - Annie gets real mad at me sometimes, and I think pigs probably would too, if they knew me
5 - Annie looks like a pig

I am not sure what to do, since obviously innocent pug-standers like me and Java have been exposed. So I have locked Anniesmelly in the garage with the trash cans until Mama comes home from work today. Jest ignore that banging sound. That's the wind. You won't want to be around later when Mama lets Annie out. It won't be pretty. *Howie packs bags and prepares to run for the hills.*