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Friday, July 30, 2010

Howie's Got a Date

Puddin Pop

This here is Howie

I gotta take a bath and brush my teeth cuz I've got a date on Sunday. Don't get jealous Pearley Pants, k? Puddin Pop has got her own wheels so she'll be cruisin over to meet me, the handsome PeeMan. She's bringing along a cameraman who is gonna get film of her tooling around my yard and being adored. Puddin is one of the cuties from Dallas Fort Worth Pug Rescue, that web site I like to look at every day. Maw insists this Web site is not my own personal dating service, but I just can't help but admire the cuteys there, over 120 foster pugs right now! So there are bound to be some lovely ladies in the bunch.

Puddin Pop came to rescue at age 7, and could not walk very well, so a bunch of nice peeps who love pugs donated money to pug rescue to buy her these cool new wheels.

I'll let you know how it goes. Hide your eyes Pearley!