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Monday, June 9, 2008

Depths of Blue

Depths of Blue, 16X20, Oil

Inspiration for Depths of Blue

Depths of Blue is another in my series from the 2008 Dallas Arboretum paintout. When I was painting depths of blue, I could hear my former art teacher Vicki McMurry in the back of my head directing me. She was saying things like, "It worries me that you are making that flower so bright near the edge of the canvas..." She really is a great teacher. I worry about me, too, having all these voices in my head when I am painting. Must have something to do with the aging process.... Vicki has one of the best books on painting I ever read. She is a master of beautifully rendered color and she has the added distinction of being a Texas gal.

Three More Weeks!

Java, Howie and Winnie Wiggles, Fredericksburg 2007

Angel Wiggles enroute to Fredericksburg 2007

In three weeks, we'll be off on our trip to Fredericksburg with the puggies. We've got three seatbelts, the extra fancy back seat cover, and two little windowscreens to block out those annoying cars whizzing by and making Howie crazy. That and an ice chest full of goodies. Puggies are always in need of goodies, doncha know.