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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Linus Showin Off...Again

Do you recognize this handsome face? This is Linus Puppy! He came over a few weeks ago to show off his new Puppia harness. After conferring with his uncle Howard Pee, Linus specifically picked out the BLUE harness because he wanted to make sure no puggy mistook him for a sissypug.

Linus and his mom, Susan.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Howie's Letter to the Pet Sitter

Dear Aunt Bitsy:

This here is your nephew, Howie Pee. Maw sez you are gonna be sittin on the house while she is gone this weekend. *looks with amazement up at rooftop* If you see any dang birds while yew are up there, could you catch me one?
My kittypal Jane tells me they are delishush.

Anyway, that is beside the point. I gots some important instructions fur you that maw probly forgot to mention in her haste to go far far away from her poor starvin unloved and fergottin puggies. Here are the instructions so pay attention.

Number One
Meals R IMPORTANT. We should have at least eight of these a day, in between snacks. And Don't skimp. It's imperative that the case of Merrick's Venison Stew is completely empty by the time maw gets home in 2 days.

Number Two
Annie will try to tell yew she is the boss o' me. She ain't, even tho she can whoop me whenever she feels like it. Just because I run behind Maw's legs when Annie starts chewing on me is no reason to think I am not the boss. That's why it is necessary fur you to throw Annie's favorite toy over the fence. That will keep her preoccupied until Maw gets home, and maybe even leave her bowl unattended at mealtime so I can clean that up for her.

Number Four. (WUTT? I can't count! I'm a PUG!!! sheesh)
At bedtime, we gots a certain routine and I don't want you to mess it up. Java needs a booster booster to git up on the bed. I don't need a booster booster cuz I am ATHLETIC HOWARD WONDERDOGGY. Annie needs a booster booster to get on the bed. Don't give her a booster. Don't ask why, just don't give her a booster, k?

When Java is ready to go to bed, he will go sit on the bathmat in front of the shower. That is Java's BOOSTER PAD. It is real important you wait for him to get sat down and ready for his booster. Don't try to sneak up behind him and grab him, that makes him real annoyed, and when he is annoyed, waves of cheesiness happen. Trust me on this. You don't want waves of cheesiness in the big bed.

Number Three.
Mealtimes are important. What? I KNOW I mentioned this one already, but it begs revisitin. In addition to the Merrick's stew fur doggies, which is good but not fillin, there is Country Cookout Kibble in the plastic container in the pantry. Mom probly forgot to tell you to leave that open for me when you are gone. Don't forget, k? Otherwise I could dry up and blow away. Annie will not dry up and blow away. She is little but that chick is stout.

If yew got any questions, don't call maw. She is bizzee. Just check with me. You know where to find me.


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Annie Writes a Letter to the Easter BunnyPug

Dear Easter BunnyPug:

This here is Anniebelly. You remember me, I had my first easter last year in my new home with Howie Fartypants and Java SmellsCheesey, my new brothers. I've been really good so I just want one thing this year. To move in with Tweedles. Please see attached documentation to support my official request below. *Annie lowers lights and flips on laser pointer*

As you can see, Tweedles is given REAL delicious
eggs, while I am given, well, NOTHING. *cuts
googley little eyes at her mama*

Tweedles also receives magnificent bouquets of
tulips and easter themed flowers appropriate to
whichever holiday is currently on the puggy calendar.
As you can see from my empty vases *pronounced vaw-zez*
I get NOTHING. *looks pointedly again at her mama*

Easter BunnyPug, I have confidence in your ability to
immediately assess what I am about to say just from
one glance at this picture. If you need me to EXPLAIN
why I need to move in with TweedleyPug more, well,
you are certainly not the Bunny I originally took you for.
*Annie flick lights back up and catches Howie snoring
in back of room* I eagerly await the Easter BunnyPug
Bus that will take me to Tweedles House.

LOVE and KISSES with hearts and little flowers,

Monday, April 13, 2009

Update - Schnauzer Reunited With Family!!

Howie and Pearl and all our puggy pals are celebrating today because the little Schnauzer I rescued yesterday went home to his family last night. One of our neighbors alerted one of their neighbors, and so on, until the family who was at church on Easter Sunday got home and called us to let us know their baby was sorely missed!

In all the excitement, I never got the name of the Schnauzer, so we shall call him Charlie because he was so quiet and unassuming. Charlie ate a big bowl of Merrick's venison stew while he was visiting. He demonstrated such gusto eating his stew, that I suspected Charlie was on a diet. Sure enough, Charlie's mom confirmed that he is quite the little piggy and will eat just about anything if you let him. *wonder to self, perhaps Charlie the Schnauzer is PART PUG???*

Charlie's mama was almost crying on the phone, she was so happy to hear we had him safe and sound. She and her family came over and picked him up pronto when they got home from church. They were not sure how he got out of the fence, and were going to check for holes immediately. We've had so much wind this week, perhaps a new hole had formed and Charlie made his escape to the house down the street that served Venison Stew.

We are so glad he is home. So many angels are hovering about Norwich Street this week. And for that, we are thankful.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Blessed - Howie Lost, Then Found

Howard Pee Pugpants
Adventure Pug by Day,
Snoozer Pug by Night

Howie slipped through the interior slatted fence yesterday and darted out of the yard while we were having repairwork done on our exterior fence. He was headed up the block toward a busy street when our neighbor, Alan, saw him. Alan had a treat in his hand and lured Howie over and grabbed his collar just as Carlos (Howie's dad) was running in their direction.

Needless to say, we are blessed this easter. Losing Howie's sister Winnie was the hardest thing ever last year, to encephalitis. I am thanking every angel in heaven today that our wonderful neighbor was watching out for us, and for Howie yesterday.

But that's not where the story ends. This morning, one day after Howie was returned safely home, I opened my studio blinds and saw a little Schnauzer in the rain, headed up the same block all by himself. I went outside quickly and walked briskly toward him and past him at an angle, acting casual so he would not be afraid and run. My goal, first, was to get him to head in the opposite direction, away from the busy street he was moving toward. My second goal was to catch him if I could. And he came right to me.

He was shivering and wet in my arms and listened quietly as I talked to him. I rang several doorbells up and down the street, but no one knew the little fellow. He had no ID tags, except for a Banfield vet clinic 800 number tag which no one answers on a Sunday and there was no answering machine.

So the little friendly schnauzer who has no nametag or ID is resting quietly in a crate, waiting to go to my vet's office in the morning. They will scan him for an identichip and then take him to the Flower Mound Shelter. We are fortunate to have a shelter that has a very high reunion rate and a very high adoption rate. As friendly and well behaved as this little boy is, I know he will be okay.

One good turn deserves another, yes? So if the angels who were watching over my little Howard yesterday for me are listening now, thank you for letting me pay someone back by finding their baby today. I am so hopeful he will be reunited with his family tonight.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Thinking About Dottie-Pants

Dottie in the Sunshine

We are sending healing and comforting puggy hugs and thoughts to our friend Dottie who we love alot today. She has been very sick. Her siblings DozerPants and CoopsterBritches have been worried. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.