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Friday, December 2, 2011

Interview With Soon to Be Former Colgate Model AnnieBee

AnnieBee awaiting her teeth cleaning

This here is AnnieBee, soon to be former Colgate Model and spokespug.

I went to see Dr. Carter who adores me last week, cuz mama said I kept drooling. I told mama that feeding me more often would cure that problem, but she persisted since she is such a worry wart. Dr. Carter is a special tooth doctor with creedentials for orthodontia and he is from Alabama and he always tells everybody I'm the cutest pug he has ever seen, but who can blame him? The truth is, after mama left, Dr. Carter took seven of my teeth to add to the teeth necklace of mine he made last time I went to see him that I told yew about.

I tried to explain to his nurse that I need my pearly whites, most especially all my crooked bottom front teeth, since they are one of my endearing imperfections. *Howie rolls his eyes* But Dr. Carter insisted they were all broken and "just hanging on." I asked for some nice white veneers like Lindsey Lohan, but he thought I was joking! Then he got real worried, he told mama later, cuz he found a big pocket of infection under one of my back teeth. When I finally woke up from the sleepy juice, I had extra wrinkleys on my noggin, and everyone had to carry me around like a baby.

I enjoyed that attention, but now when I smile, all I see is gumline and my canine teefs showing! Howie said it makes me look more like a vampire, which is closer to my true nature, but mama is sad that my lip won't curl up for my signature snaggletooth smile any more. I think she's just upset that my Colgate spokespug contract could get canceled and so she can't spend money like a crazy mama any more. After all, how I can be their model any more now that I only gots a few toofs left? The worst part *baby pugs cover your ears and leave the room please* is I cannot play with any toys for TWO WEEKS. WHAT'S THAT ALL ABOUT??? *baby pugs can come back in the room now*


Payton said...

Oh goodness, AnnieBee! No toys, that stinks! What about food though? Maybe you can make up for the lack of play time with more eat time? My mom would be sad if I lost my teefies too! In fact, I am missing two of my bottom tiny teefies. Even dad was sad at first, but now it just makes me, me! I bet you still have a great smile!

Tucker and Lola said...

AnnieBee I love that picture of you! Two whole weeks without toys?! Whatever are you going to do? You may have lost that Colgate contract but your still a star! Have you considered modeling for dentures?

Kelly said...

Annie Bee! I had no idea that doctor man found so many problems with your cute little toofers! :(

I think you have the prettiest smile no matter WHAT, and the most important thing is your health! Your maw takes the best care of you!!!


Mia said...

Oh AnnieBee!!! I am so sorry about your toofers!! No Toys?!?!? What is he thinking??? Oh my! It doesn't matter, you are still my BFP 4-EVER!!!!! We'll get through this toy ban together!!!



Noodles said...

Oh Annie,
Of all the indignations! But you know I think your smile will still ROCK with or without the front row. Follow the doctor's orders now and get back to being yourself soon.
Love Noodles

C.l.o.v.e.r. said...

Hi Annie! I am sorry you had to lose some teeths, but I know you will still be beautiful. I am not a baby anymore, but I think I should have left the room for the end - no toys for two weeks?! Noooooooo!

Archie and Melissa said...

hi annie bee!
oh your momma takes such good care of you!
no worries about having less toofies.
your smile is even more special because it is now an original work
of art that was handcrafted with love and care.
besides, us puggies do not need all those pesky teef.
now you have more room for food and less maintaince!
what a smart puggy!
we love you!

Minnie and Mack said...

Annie, we hope your time without toys is not too bad. At least your mom won't be worrying about your drooling anymore! And your smile will still be cute.

Drools and licks,
Minnie and Mack

Hank said...

AnnieBee an' Aint Naincy.....fear not, honeys!

It just so happens my mom heard through the dental grapevine that the folks at Polident are lookin' fer a new spokesmodel.

Sequoia & Petunia & Emma said...

Dear Anniebee

Don't worry sweetie I only have 5 teefs left and it just means less teefs to clean! Plus maybe your tongue will hang out like mine and you will be a new kinda cute pie!

Tuni Woonies

Tweedles -- that's me said...

HI Annie Bee
What no toys for 2 weeks! What are you going to do? Can you pester your brother?
I think we will all notice how beautiful your teeth are that you have left now. And like auntie Melissy says- more room for food.
Just wait til everyone sees your smile and how cute you are and everyone will want you to be their spokes person.

Salinger The Pug said...

Oh AnnieBee! We're catching up and JUST FOUND OUT ABOUT THIS TURRIBLE TRAGEDY!!!

No more snaggletoof? NOOOO!

Did mom understand that your brekkies, (1,2, and 3), lunch, dinner, and all snacks needed to be run through the blender and served to you through a pink bendy sippy straw and an umbrella in the glass???

We hope so!

Hope you're feeling better!!!