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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Aspire - Canna Lilies at Balboa Park

Aspire, Balboa Park

The inspiration for "Aspire"

The downside to traveling to San Diego last week was being away from the puggies. The upside: Balboa Park! As soon as I saw these rich red cannas crowded in front of these stucco walls, I knew I would have to paint them. Balboa Park is one of the most beautiful places in Southern California. It is amazing to be able to walk into such a place and park at absolutely no charge.


A New England Life said...

How gorgeous Nancy! The painting AND the picture.
At least you were able to experience some beauty through the turmoil of your trip : )

Laura said...

I think the painting is even prettier than the real thing!

Unknown said...

You guys are good for my ego! : ) I'm going to mail you each a dollar pronto. Just as soon as I get change. xxoooo

Archie and Melissa said...

oh my goodness nancy!
aspire is gorgeous! your paintings are even more beautuiful than the flowers that inspire them.
really amazing!
m & e

Manon said...

Beautiful painting Nancy! I agree.... your painting is better that the real thing!!