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Monday, May 12, 2008

Great Pug Connections

Winnie Wiggles gets kisses from Aunty Sharon

It's true, we pug people are certifiable. We're the ones who will stop on a busy street and roll down the car window for a chance to exclaim undying love for pugs we've never met before if we spot a total stranger walking one or two. When I spotted an absolutely wonderful pug painting through FineArtStudioOnline, I did basically the same thing. I stopped everything and immediately posted a note to the gifted artist who had masterfully rendered a snorfley smoosh-nosed little puggy named Spike.

Sheri Bartholow's web site has paintings and drawings of her pug, Spike, as well as her figurative and botanical work. Sheri has been drawing and painting since childhood and has her MFA from American University in Washington, DC. Don't tell Howie I said this, but her pug Spike is one of the most photogenic specimens I've ever seen.

1 comment:

Archie and Melissa said...

Hi Nancy!
OOOO! I am on my over to meet Spike now! This is a big Thank you for the heads up from a very crazy pug person!
:) M