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Monday, August 4, 2008

Anniebelly's Toy Storage Solutions

Do you ever wonder where on earth the best place
to hide your favorite toy from your stinky brothers might be?
Well I found the pawfect solution this morning.

Mommy's linen closet could sure use a little
straightening, but the floor access is definitely a plus.

I think the scented floral pillow ensemble will be the pawfect
storage location for my favorite muddy wet ball toy, don't you?

Be sure to push your wet muddy toy way in the back behind
all the pillows so it won't be easy for any annoying brother pugs to find.

My work here is done...hey, is this a great place for a
nap far away from Howard Stinkypants, or what??


Unknown said...

hahaha. Oh boy, great pictures.
If I had those pillows they would be out all the time - they are gorgeous! Of course, if I had them out all the time, the pugs would be on them all the time, and then they probably wouldn't be so gorgeous......

Nancy at the Farm said...

We love your pillows and your Mum took great pictures!

Mum got your message from our blog and thought something was wrong because it said it was from "Nancy and the fatties". You see our Mumsy's name is Nancy and she calls us the "fatties". We're a little peeved because we thought we were unique(!) Mum read your comment at work and started laughing out loud and then she went to your blog and almost pee'd in her pants with the pillow pictures. Tell your Mum that she needs to put a warning before she posts pictures like that so other mothers can cross their legs and be prepared! BOL!

Love, Dozer

Nancy at the Farm said...

Porkpies is nice - you can have the fatties and we will take the porkpies!

We loved your pillows - Mum has the same one as the very bottom one in your closet!

Mum grew up around pugs so she definitely misses the pug snorts. Our dad wouldn't let her get a pug so Mum got me (Dozer) and then rescued Coop and finally brought Dottie in when she was looking for a home. But Mum still wants a pug someday.

Hard to believe two Nancy's could be so far away from each other and have fattie patties for fur children. Is that kismet or serendipity? Oh, I don't know, it is time for Mum to do her work and I need a nap.


Archie and Melissa said...

hi annie!
you are a puggy genius with lots of style - just like your momma!
m & e

Unknown said...

LOL to our new Corgi porkypie friends and CorgiMom Nancy, to Rachel and the babies, and Melissa and EmmyPants - I will have to steam clean these pillow before I let guests ever sleep on them again!

The Devil Dog said...

Oh dear. Mom says she supposes the wet ball will then smell all the pillows up and make them dog pillows. Is she correct?


PS What's wrong with dog pillows.

Unknown said...

Dear RoxyPug, the devilish one - what a great idea! It would save us tons on the cleaning bills if we give the puggies all the good pillows and throws and have the guests sleep on the floor. ; )

Manon said...

Anniebelly is so sweet. She looks so snuggly in those pretty pillows!

Laura said...

And I hope she left some hair all over the pillows too! And I agree - why are those pillows in a closet? We need to switch houses.

Unknown said...

Thanks Manon, your little Otis is a dollbaby, too. Laura, I am packing my bags. I will need your street address to give the moving company to drop off all of our things. this weekend good for you?

Anonymous said...


are you sure you're supposed to be in the closet? I'll come in and join you, then we can roll around on mom's comforters! Just before we jump out I'll be sure to leave her a little present ; )

Your snuggle pug friend,

Anonymous said...

Wow she is SO pretty.

Piggie's Momma